[Complementary Workshop this Saturday] Why Unconditioned Awareness is the Secret Key to Change

[Complementary Workshop this Saturday] Why Unconditioned Awareness is the Secret Key to Change

Sometimes in doing the inner work for change, I get stuck and don’t understand why.

In those moments, it seems to me that I know all about the patterns that are being activated, I know all about the different emotions, stories, and reactions that make that pattern alive, I even can logically tell that these stories and reactions are out of proportion and not true, YET, for some reason, I am not able to change them.

It’s like I know the maze by heart, yet can’t get out, I understand what is happening, yet nothing is seemingly changing. Or at least I seem to believe that I understand.

Does this ever happen to you Reader?

Do you sometimes think that you know all about the patterns, reactions, characters(if you’re doing the self-mastery work), stories, and sabotaging behaviors that you do, yet aren’t able to change them?

If that’s the case, then here’s something that can help:

See in all those moments, when I thought that I knew all the patterns that I was doing, there was one thing that I didn’t know, and wasn’t aware of, and that was the thing that was getting me stuck.

The one thing I wasn’t aware of is the POINT OF VIEW I was seeing these patterns from.

Am I seeing them with clarity and neutrality, or am I seeing them as a victim of them, am I seeing them with curiosity and openness, or am I seeing them from the point of view of frustration and wanting to jump in, fix them and forcefully get them to change.

In other words, who do I believe “I” am, the one who sees the patterns?

What I discovered with myself and with clients, is that when we know a lot about our patterns, yet are stuck, it’s because there is one thing about our patterns that we aren’t aware of, which is the point of view we’re looking at them from.

As long as we view our patterns, from another point of view that is a story about our patterns, we will always remain stuck.

The key, therefore, is to detach not only our patterns but also the different stories, reactions, and feelings about our patterns.

It’s at that moment that magic happens.

Because at that moment, we land in what we can call unconditioned awareness, which is an inner state of pure openness, curiosity, and neutrality about our patterns.

It is a detached, yet compassionate point of view, that sees all that is inside us, from this loving, accepting place.

And just like that, when we see all that is inside us from this loving and accepting place, just like that, all the magic in the world can happen.

All the changes that we want, naturally begin to occur, when we see our patterns clearly from that place.

When I reach that place, what I experience is an unconditional love for all that is inside me, from that love I experience natural shifts that start to happen to parts of my being that for a long time were stuck and unchanged.

It doesn’t take effort on my part to change them, these changes happen naturally once I view these patterns from the place of unconditioned awareness, and old patterns gradually dissolve and wither away from that place.

All it takes is the natural exploration to get there, and then all the changes that I ever want, occur.

This Saturday, at 11 am Est, my mentor Gary is doing a complementary workshop for our community members on unconditioned awareness, why it is the key to change, and how to get there.

If you want join, here's a link to join our community [It's Free!] and come to the workshop:


In LovingKindness, Daniel❤️.

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הסוד לשמחה שכמעט אף אחד לא מספר לכם עליו

יש סוד אחד פשוט לשמחה, שהוא כזה כזה פשוט, שאני מוצא שכמעט לא מדברים עליו, וזה כולל אותי!!   רוצים לשמוע אותו?   הוא ממש קל – תעשו טוב לאחרים.   כי כשתעשו טוב, אתם תקבלו טוב.   ואתם לא צריכים להאמין לי על זה, אתם מוזמנים לנסות, ויש לזה

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  3 מילות קסם שיעזרו לכם לאזור אומץ לעשות כל דבר שאתם רוצים בלי לתת לפחד לעצור אתכם:

מה אם הייתי אומר לכם, שיש 3 מילות קסם (אוקיי טכנית 6 אבל תישארו איתי על זה) שיוכלו כמו קסם, לעזור לכם להתגבר על כל פחד, ספק ושיפוט עצמי שאתם חווים בחיים שלכם, בסופר פשטות?✨️   מילים שיוכלו לאפשר לכם לצחוק, להנות, להרגיש קלילים יותר, להפסיק לתת לפחד ולדעות של

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המתנה של אי נוחות

  ביום חמישי האחרון הנחיתי בפעם ראשונה בארץ סדנה שלגמרי שיווקתי בעצמי, ויצרתי והנחיתי והייתי אחראי על הבאת הקהל – וזה היה ממש כיף, ונהדר וממש הגשמת חלום של משהו שאמשיך עוד לעשות וימשיך לקרות.   זו רק תחילת הדרך.   ואני רוצה לכתוב פה על להתחיל דברים בפעם הראשונה,

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