The Understanding That Changed My Life + [FREE WORKSHOP ANNOUNCEMENT]

The Understanding That Changed My Life + [FREE WORKSHOP ANNOUNCEMENT]

You are made of heart, mind, and SOULSELF.

The embodied understanding of this can change your life.

In truth, you are the self, you are the soul, but in this human vehicle you operate, you also have a mind and a heart.

Another name for the heart in how I refer to it here, is the emotional body.

At your best, you 3 are an awesome team, creating a better life for yourself, a better, happier you, and a better more happy, and thriving humanity.

At worst, your mind can abuse your emotional body all day with judgments, fear, repression, and control.

Or your emotional body can be wrecking you and your life, with addiction, reactivity, out-of-control anger emotional reactions, and more.

Last email I shared with you, I wrote about how the mind can abuse the emotional body to cause us suffering, and how an integrated, healthy vs unhealthy minds look like, as well as their symptoms and patterns.

I shared where the mind thrives, and where it can cause us tremendous suffering.

In this email, I want to you about the emotional body, which I will refer to as the heart.

The heart is a wonderful part of our being, so beautiful, and it's the feminine energy side of ourselves.

When integrated, a healthy heart will mean you experience:

  • Lots of creativity and creative energy flowing in you. Ideas just seem endless, and life is a lot of creative fun.
  • Spontaneity, joy, laughter, fun chaos, and an adventurous sense of living.
  • You follow your desires, manifest your dreams, and do what feels good for you.
  • You are connected to your body, and present, and do emotionally engaging activities like singingdancingpaintingwriting or anything else that connects you to your emotions and natural creativity.
  • You enjoy music and art. You feel loose and relaxed inside yourself.
  • You are loving, your heart is open, and you feel grateful, heart-centered, and kind. You feel colorful inside.
  • You are connected to your intuition and gut feelings.
  • You feel empathy towards other people, see where they're coming from, understand the other's point of view, and are great at mitigating conflicts.
  • A sense of purpose, of connectedness, a sense of living a meaningful life and doing things that have meaning and matter to you.
  • A sense of connectedness to others, oneness with all life.

On the other hand, when wounded and unintegrated, a wounded heart means you will experience:

  • Anxiety and strong fears overwhelm your whole nervous system.
  • Addiction, a hard time controlling impulses. Overeating, spending a lot of time on the phone.
  • Numbness, depression, loneliness, feeling no spark of life inside, no creativity, no love.
  • Anger reactions.
  • A sense of lack of connection, disconnection from others, and a hard time feeling and understanding their point of view of where they're coming from.
  • A purposelessness, an emptiness inside. A sense that you are wandering about aimlessly, with no meaningfulness.
  • Disconnected from the body. Overthinking. Always in your head. Not really knowing how you feel.
  • Fear of losing control that actually leads to you often losing more control.
  • Having a hard time making decisions. FOMO. Overthinking choices.
  • A lack of discipline. Having a hard time keeping and following commitments, showing up on time, holding to a schedule, and being financially responsible. (instead, you might often find yourself being late, not following through on commitments and spending money carelessly).
  • A hard time thinking clearly and with clear logic, often acting from purely emotionally reactive, emotionally wounded thinking, without a good sound reasoning behind them. A hard time discerning between truth, and lies that come from emotional wounding.

Whether you find yourself more as the "mind-dominant" kind of person that I described in email #1, or the emotions-dominated kind of person I describe here, I want you to know that I've learned over the years that there is a much better way to do this.

We can use both our minds and our hearts in their best, fully capable, and fully integrative capabilities, all the while leading from our own Center, from our own SOULSELF, guiding them, and ourselves, to self-realization, and to living a beautiful, fun, rich, rewarding, happy life.

This is called the middle way, and this is the path the Buddha discovered 2500 ago as the happy, peaceful, optimal way to live.

Do you want to learn more on how you can best guide your mind, heart and SELF, to work together as an amazing team, and live a thriving, happy life?

If so, you're welcome to come to the workshop I'm hosting next Sunday at 12:30 pm EST, in my mentor Gary's Self Mastery community, where we will dive much deeper into this.

Through an awareness practice, we will look inward to recognize if we are more of an emotionally or mentally dominant person, we will see where we have been unbalanced in our life as being too "emotionally" or too "mind" dominant.

We will explore where our mind is abusing our heart, and where our heart might be abusing our mind, and see how to restore more balance, order, and harmony to the inner painful chaos.

We will then discuss how to put mind and heart aside and let YOU, the SELF lead the way.

There will also be plenty of time for Q&A at the end, and the workshop will be approx 75-90 minutes meant to give you lots of insights, tools and practical value.

Click the link here to sign up and join:

(If you don't have a Self Mastery Community account yet, you will need to open one, it's free❤️).

Table of Contents

הסוד לשמחה שכמעט אף אחד לא מספר לכם עליו

יש סוד אחד פשוט לשמחה, שהוא כזה כזה פשוט, שאני מוצא שכמעט לא מדברים עליו, וזה כולל אותי!!   רוצים לשמוע אותו?   הוא ממש קל – תעשו טוב לאחרים.   כי כשתעשו טוב, אתם תקבלו טוב.   ואתם לא צריכים להאמין לי על זה, אתם מוזמנים לנסות, ויש לזה

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  3 מילות קסם שיעזרו לכם לאזור אומץ לעשות כל דבר שאתם רוצים בלי לתת לפחד לעצור אתכם:

מה אם הייתי אומר לכם, שיש 3 מילות קסם (אוקיי טכנית 6 אבל תישארו איתי על זה) שיוכלו כמו קסם, לעזור לכם להתגבר על כל פחד, ספק ושיפוט עצמי שאתם חווים בחיים שלכם, בסופר פשטות?✨️   מילים שיוכלו לאפשר לכם לצחוק, להנות, להרגיש קלילים יותר, להפסיק לתת לפחד ולדעות של

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המתנה של אי נוחות

  ביום חמישי האחרון הנחיתי בפעם ראשונה בארץ סדנה שלגמרי שיווקתי בעצמי, ויצרתי והנחיתי והייתי אחראי על הבאת הקהל – וזה היה ממש כיף, ונהדר וממש הגשמת חלום של משהו שאמשיך עוד לעשות וימשיך לקרות.   זו רק תחילת הדרך.   ואני רוצה לכתוב פה על להתחיל דברים בפעם הראשונה,

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