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Integrating Mind, Heart, Soul – A Vital Key To Your Happiness, Part 1

Integrating Mind, Heart, Soul – A Vital Key To Your Happiness, Part 1

This is a topic I’m excited to talk about absolutely, as it’s been really benefitting my life.

​Mind – The mind is great at many things, like logic and abstract thinking.

The strengths of the mind are clear rational thinking, and making connections between different dots and patterns that without it, wouldn’t be recognizable.

Creating a schedule, being forward-thinking, being financially responsible, and remembering things.

Doing math and science. Doing lenient tasks. These are things the mind is great at when it’s working at its best.

When the mind isn’t integrated with our heart though, it may do some of the following things:

  • Deny and repress emotions. – Judge our emotions. – Ignore our emotions, wants and desires and instead propose we do more “rational” things.
  • Repress creativity and the beauty of chaos, and prefer rules, regulations and order.
  • It will be repetitive and offer nothing new.
  • It will worry often, and tend to ruminate about the past.
  • It will analyze our emotions and find problems with them and won’t know how to connect to them and truly understand them.

This is what a wounded mind, a nonintegrated mind does.

Now for the heart – or emotional body, what kind of things does a healthy emotional body excel at? What kind of things does a wounded emotional body do?

I’d love to hear what you think! Share with me as a reply, and I may add your example to the next email I’ll send, where I’ll speak more deeply about what a healthy emotional body looks like and doesn’t look like, and how to live a life with heart, mind and soul all integrated as one❤️.

P.S: If you want to explore the applications of integrating our mind, heart and soul in a fun, healthy, and enriching way, you’re welcome to join the workshop I’m doing on the topic on Sunday March 31 ❤️. Here’s the link to sign up through the Self Mastery Community For Free:

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