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Your Heart Knows There Is Something More For You,
Something Greater Than You Ever Believed.

Your Heart Knows there is something more for you,
something bigger than you've ever believed.

Most people don’t live from their hearts, and end up in life feeling unhappy. We take society’s prescripted recipe for how to live without questioning and fail to recgonize and honor our own wisdom, our own beauty and to love ourselves fully. We fail to live from our hearts. 


Coaching with me is an invitation for you to help yourself live from your heart, to help yourselves heal from your pains, wounds and negative beliefs, to help yourself create something different. 

It is an invitation to honor YOU, be fully YOU and get to know YOU with so much self love and appreciation. You will discover someone magnificent, beautiful and perfectly capable of living life with so much incredible talent and capabilities. 

 So if you’re stuck believing your negative thoughts and beliefs and the inner critic in your head is causing you to suffer.  

If you desire to be free of suffering and to create joy but feeling somewhat lost on how to do that, then I’m here to help. 

My coaching approach is from the Inside-Out. We work on your thoughts, emotions and beliefs first, and then on making meaningful outer changes. I am kind and honest in my guidance, I share with love and lead you to greater self love and self respect,  into healing the wounds that make you unhappy and towards creating what you desire.

 I am going to stand for who you authentically are and invite you to live from you heart, release old pains, and most importantly, Be Happy

“Daniel Moor's help has been very useful to me in this quarantine.  I didn't know anything about myself before I met you.  I felt a lot of anger, a lot of sadness, a lot of helplessness.  I was starting to have panic and anxiety attacks, there were many things in my head that were tormenting me and I did not know what to do.  But with the help of Daniel, little by little my mind began to feel clearer, after a month the panic attacks had disappeared and the anxiety had decreased drastically.  Although I did not express myself well, he listened to me very patiently and managed to understand what I was going through.  Thanks to Daniel I can now identify my emotions and I know how to be with them, I feel more aware.  My relationship with myself has improved, I really appreciate what he has done for me.  I have learned to choose to live in love rather than fear even though I am still learning.”

Cesar Ponce Rivera

How it Works:


You bring up a challenge, you bring up changes you want to make in your life, those changes could be internal or external. We work on the inner and outer at the same time. Eventually, you will discover that inner and outer are one and the same. 

Inner changes to your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs will lead to positive changes in your external world and in how you experience life.

Positive actions taken in your external life will lead to negative beliefs being changed faster and to you being invited to live more and more from your heart and your truth, shedding and healing the limiting beliefs that show up during the journey.

At the end, you will be much happier, experience tremendous amounts of healing growth and life won’t ever look the same. 

You will know just how much of a joy it is to be alive on this planet earth. 

You will also know how to live from you heart and discover how much beauty you can create in your relationships, work, career, and everything in between. 

You Start where you are –  you set your goals and wishes – and our work together will be the path for making them happen and creating positive lasting changes. 

I work with people who are committed to being happy, well and at peace on the inside and create beauty and joy on the outside. If this sounds like you, if you  desire this for yourself, then I invite you to contact me, and let’s go on a journey together towards greater possibilities. 

May your life be full of love, joy, and wonder, in LovingKindness, Daniel. 

Contact Us For Coaching

To you living from your heart
I really appreciate the safe space that the coaching is for me, which I find essential for doing this kind of work. I know I can show up to the sessions with whatever is going on and share even the most vulnerable parts of myself without fear of being judged. You're always fully present and listening to every detail of what is said during the sessions, which - paired with your great intuition - makes you perceive things I wouldn't notice on my own. This really helps me to gain more awareness about what is going on in myself. (Great listening skills are very helpful!) You're full of helpful knowledge and always find the right bit to share to help me take a new perspective on things. The weekly check-in e-mails are such a good way for me to stay accountable and committed to the process, even when resistance shows up. I always receive replies very quickly, which makes me feel supported at any time. The character interviews are the most fun and also most profound technique I've ever worked with. It is blowing my mind every time to see stories and patterns I had no awareness of emerge and being transformed in such a powerful way. Never have I experienced such sudden and powerful shifts and also laughed so much during deep transforming work. It is possible to do super deep and transformative healing work while also having such a fun time - that's just awesome! One can really sense that you have done a lot of work yourself and that you show up with love, compassion and enthusiasm about guiding others through the process. And that's one of the things I really appreciate too, that you really hold the space, give suggestions about what to do and share different perspectives while staying on eye-level. It's a really warm and safe feeling of being supported, especially when there's resistance or things get a bit intense. I love your dedication to this kind of work and the how passionate you are about helping others, which really brings in great energy to the coaching process. No matter how much resistance I'm feeling before the coaching session, I always come out of it feeling transformed and lighter in a way. With all of this I have complete trust and faith in you Daniel, you're amazing at what you're doing and I love how you always seek to learn more and improve and still work on yourself with great dedication. Thank you for being you!
Audrey Mey
Artist and Awesome Human Being

Client Success Interviews ( and there are many of them😊):


You contact me here  and share with me what you want to work on and we can set up a complementary consultation call  and go from there.. 

You can also just email me directly at: danielmoor34@gmail.com

My clients are spread out all over the world. So I work with most of them via zoom or skype. 

Some clients leave in the same city as me and I work with them in person if they prefer to. 

How I usually work with people is that we get clear on what you want and what you need in life in the consultation calls. We then set goals and intent for what you want to work on for a predetermined period of time and sessions. We meet weekly and work together to help you heal what hasn’t been healed, let go of what needs to be let go of and create what you want to create, a life where you feel good, nurtured and whole. 

We regularly reassess where you are at and what you currently need as you make changes and move through life. You are fully supported the entire way in between sessions as well through correspondence and you will often come out of sessions with practical exercises and action steps for you to apply in your life, so that our sessions together will be applicable and create real lasting changes for you. 

Absolutely yes. However you prefer to conversate online work with me.

I just find zoom preferable in most cases. 

The goal for me is to be an holistic coach and supporter for you and of you. Meaning, no area of your life is excluded from coaching. 

Spirituality, healing trauma, your career and income, your relationships and family life, changing negative beliefs, what you want to create in your life. All of that is included if you want it to. It’s all up to you to decide what you want us to focus and work on. Anything you consciously put your attention on and receive loving support with grows and nurtures. So whatever you choose to work on in our work together will grow, heal and nurture as needed and as you want it to.

Some common topics that show up often that I help clients with are:

  •  Healing anxiety and depression.
  • Working with and healing the inner child as well as the protectors around the inner child.
  • Creating more income and a more satisfying career.
  • Helping a stuck spiritual practice and process move to the next level.
  • Moving into embodiment and feeling your emotions.
  • Just plain being happy and creating an amazing, spectacular, deeply satisfying and rewarding life for yourself.

There’s a lot, and like I say, you bring what you want help with, and we work on it so that it will nurture and grow like a beautiful flower blossoming in spring. 

My clients are everybody from peaceful retirees at their 70’s to angry rebellious teenagers approaching their 20’s! 

They are people who are interested in spiritual work and advancing their spiritual and healing practice or who don’t care about spirituality at all and just want to make some simple life improvements! 

Those who want to heal past trauma, and those who want to create a new business and build it from the ground up!

They’re all included, my work is about human beings and helping human beings, and every human being is invited in with love. 

Of course! I work with teens(and parents) too!

I love doing that very much in fact!

Check out the teen and parent coaching page for more info on it.

I totally get the frustration and doubt in that.

I personally myself tried many different therapies and modalities before I found something that actually made sense to me, that spoke to my heart and actually worked. 

It can be very disheartening to want help and try to get help so much yet feel like you’re not getting the help you need. Unfortunately, most people don’t get the help and support they really need, that will really help them heal and then thrive and prosper. 

I was lucky to find a support that was helpful later on in my process, a year or 2 in to it, and that really really helped. 

A lot of clients ask me this question before they start to work with me and that is very common and perfectly ok. 

All I say is: “you got nothing to lose by trying this out, if something in you is telling you that this work makes sense, and that it might help, and you somewhere feel that possibility there(and chances are that if you’re reading this then you do), then try working with me for a bit, and gauge for yourself if it’s helpful or not. Not with huge expectations for your suffering to end in 3 sessions or for your career to do a 180 turn for the best after a month(although these things sometimes can happen), but for the small changes, the small wins the small shifts. Maybe it’s just a sense that we are a good match together, a “this feels right” sort of feeling and tone. That could be enough to tell you to keep going. 

My process was an up and down roller coaster for sure, but it’s an upward journey towards growth in the larger picture. You come up way happier with life and way more at peace in the end.

That’s the beauty of it and that’s why it’s worth it for me and others to go through this process and through the ups and downs of it.

Behind the pain is your joy 😊 

So, try it out, you got nothing to lose and a lot to gain – Your freedom, your love, your wisdom, your heart, happiness and authenticity.

You can learn more about me in my blog and other locations in my website.

But also through my Instagram, Facebook and YouTube accounts where I regularly share about my life and share helpful(or goofy) content as well.