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Is your child unhappy or struggling socially and at school?


Is your son suffering from depression or anxiety?


Does your daughter need loving support and a listening ear?

The Situation Now:

We live in a time where 20% of adolescents experience a mental health problem in any given year.

20% of all teens experience depression before they reach adulthood but only 30% of them are treated for it. 

In spite of all that, 70% of children and adolescents who experience mental health problems have not had appropriate interventions at a sufficiently early age. There’s also much more to the statistics than I wrote here. 

This may be the “Normal” right now, but it doesn’t have to be. 

 I was part of the statistics, I was depressed and unhappy since my first year of middle school and well into after high school. But I also recovered into living a happy life, your child can too. 

"Daniel helped me be free of anxiety and negative thoughts and since then I am much more active socially and emotionally.
Ofek Malik
16 Year Old Teen, Israel

What's Possible:

When I Work with your child through coaching I offer her the opportunity that I never had as a teen. 

 Your child receives the chance to develop resilience and self love so that they won’t become part of the statistics. So that even if they are already, they will learn how to grow from that and recover.  Your teen will get to live from inner confidence and integrity and become a powerful thriving adult. 

They don’t teach us in school how to be happy. 

they don’t teach us in school how to develop the most basic and important skills of life.

We aren’t taught how to regulate our emotions,  or how to change negative beliefs.

Nobody explained how to navigate challenging social environments, and how to develop the inner qualities of self-leadership which are what REALLY determines future career and life well-being and success. 

I was experiencing symptoms of depression, suicidal ideation, and more since the age of 12. It took me 6 years to recover. I then, like all of us still had to learn a ton about what it means to be happy in the world and navigate as an adult. 

I don’t want anyone else to experience unnecessary suffering.  my mission is to empower teens to be happy and thrive. To be self-loving and self-caring. I want a future generation of teens who live powerfully from their hearts instead of from the fear of what other people think.


You don’t have to wait for it to get as bad as it was for me

I believe these types of skills need to be mandatory teaching for all kids on our planet, this is why I do what I do and this is why I work with teens and not just with adults.  You don’t need to wait for your child to show symptoms of poor mental health before you come to me, you don’t need to wait for it to get really bad. 

I provide an unconditionally loving and supporting space for your child to feel heard, seen and supported. So that he or she can grow into wonderful adults with healthy beliefs about themselves and about life. So that they WON’T be part of the statistics. 

I offer loving advice and insight when I can, but I mainly trust your child’s inner wisdom and ask questions to draw that wisdom out of them so they can see it clearly for themselves and take new action upon it. 


Some parents make experience a lot of uncertainty around how to help their children. You may be very stressed and worried for them and for their future. These parents find it a big relief to have me work with their teen and with them, so that they don’t feel alone in all of this and feel that they have support.

Sometimes your teen may not even want to talk to anybody about his or her issues, they may not see a problem at all either. In such cases, I can work with you, the parent, help you feel supported and help you better support your child.  

I work with parents and teens all over the world online through Zoom and skype or in person in Tel Aviv Israel.  

If you’re interested in seeing if coaching is a fit for you and your child, you can contact me here

May you and your family heal, be happy and prosper in LovingKindness, Daniel.

Contact US

Helping parents and teens connect and thrive



Yes, I occasionally do and I am very open to it when I feel like I can help and the child is ready enough for this kind of support. 

In person is somewhat easier with most children than online.

That being said, I’m open to trying, and if your child is capable of doing so then I’m happy to, it worked in the past. 

You can contact me here or directly through my email at: danielmoor34@gmail.com 

Write down your situation currently and we can set up a complementary consultation call with you the parent and then with your child separately, then if its a fit, we’ll start working together from there. 

Yes, very much so. That is sometimes the case and I find the best results happen when both the teen and  parents are open for a transformational process rather than just the teen or parent separately. 

But working with only one of them also works  because when one part of the relationship changes, the entire relationship changes for the better.

It’s just faster that way when both the teen and the parents are open for a transformational process.

I can work with you.

Through working with you I can help you better relate to them, better understand them and to also help you feel more supported, valuable and worthy as a human being and as a parent which is so so important. 

Additionally, I am open to having one complementary consultation call with a reluctant teen and then let them decide whether they want to continue or not. But they have to agree to the process or it’s not going to work anyway if they don’t. 

So I would recommend you contact me  to set up a consultation call with you the parent and then we’ll work together on seeing what’s the best step from there.

It’s diverse! It really is very very diverse.

Here are some common ones.

With Teens:

  • Determining future life and career goals and aspirations, then bringing that into actions in the present moment regarding school, work and more. 
  • Help and support with low self confidence and self esteem.
  • Improving social relationships and social life at school.
  • Dealing with depression, anxiety and shame.
  • Dealing with the rapid changes of the teenage years and with peer pressure.
  • Heart to heart conversations on sensitive matters such as sexuality, alcohol and drug usage. 
  • Mostly: Just being a loving, compassionate and listening ear for them to vent, cry, complain, rage, be excited, brag with and everything in between. Someone that’s there for them like a big brother who they know has no agenda and will love and support them no matter what. That’s the most precious gift I can give. 

With Parents:

  • Working with the parent’s inner child so that they can also learn how to better parent their own child. The two are often incredibly related. Also, we are often triggered by our children when they show behaviors that we reject within ourselves, and so I help the parents heal those wounds so they can provide loving and responsive support to their children rather than reactive support. 
  • Teaching parents reflective and empathic listening so they can better understand their children and their children’s point of view. 
  • Helping parents create a deeper connection with their children through empathic listening and learning how to communicate from the heart, with open, truthfully honest and loving communication. 
  • Helping parents heal their beliefs around not being a “good enough mom” or “good enough dad”.

There’s a lot more because it’s very diverse. I could sum it up with bringing more loving understanding and joy to the teen, to the parents and to the family as a whole.  

I usually meet with you the parent or your teen once a week for a predetermined period of times. 

We talk about goals we set up in the consultation calls as well as about what’s showing up in your life right now. 

We move from there towards changes you want to make through my listening, your insight, practical tools and a lot of loving support(maybe some hugs too). 

If I work with both the parent and teen, I usually see both at different sessions during the week. 

You can check other places on my website as well as the adult coaching page and the FAQ there.