Learning how to spot and release our domesticated beliefs, and reclaiming who we really are in the process, is a hallmark of a Master of Self.” - Don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

So what is Self Mastery? 

Self Mastery is about lovingly mastering all areas of your life and your being. It’s about having your thoughts, words, and actions all aligned together. Let’s add to that having your core beliefs and emotions aligned. It’s about living from the love in your heart instead of living from your conditioned beliefs, habits, and loud noisy mind.  Another way to say is that it’s about living from love instead of fear. 

Here are some elements of Self Mastery:

  • How much control and influence do you have over your emotions and how you feel?

  • How able are you to calm and quiet your mind and shift its negative thoughts and beliefs?

  • What is the level of love and peace in your relationships and how skilled are you at communicating clearly?

  • Being able to change perspective, unhelpful habits, and behaviors at will.

  • How much control do you have over your attention?

  • Your ability to move about in the world with peace and being able to create and manifest what you want for yourself in life.

  • Most importantly, How happy are you? How much are you living from love and how much are you living from fear? Do you fully love yourself and life?

“I've gotten to know Daniel over the past 2 years from our coaching calls, and interactions in the same online community.  


Daniel is young, but I wish I had his understanding and insights into my emotions, beliefs, and motivations at that age. It would have saved me a lot of pain later in my life.    But that understanding and insight about how to change them came from his willingness to skillfully look inward and make changes. I know his inward journey of transformation began as a teenager so his experience is already years in the making. Overcoming your own internal emotional obstacles is where wisdom comes from.  That level of emotional intelligence and self-awareness is always earned, and he has done his work. 


One of the things that makes Daniel different than most of my clients, is that he continues to do inner work, at a high level. I'm impressed by his curiosity to seek out different teachers, methods, and skills to expand his toolset so that he can share them with his clients.  I appreciate and admire his continued willingness to look inward and leave no thought or emotion unturned. That kind of willingness, and skill-building, will serve his clients immensely because Daniel can balance that intent with a great deal of compassion for how emotional all humans really are underneath. It's that relief and joy after a painful journey through our emotions that has Daniel so inspired to share and help others. That is the genuine motivation that will really help the people working with him.”

Gary Van Warmerdam
Author of "MindWorks", Creator of the Self Mastery Course.

The Master of Self is one who reached a high level of mastery in all of these areas and more and that diligently practices mastering the key important areas of his or her life. There is no end to mastery, so thankfully we always get to grow and practice. 

In my work with people, we aim towards Self Mastery in the areas of life they want to change. I want THEM to develop that mastery, I’m just the one guiding them along the way. Mastering yourself is mastering your life, and by doing that, you can live free and with a high level of happiness and awareness. 

By focusing on Self Mastery, you learn how to shift negative beliefs holding you back from flying.

You learn how to develop meaningful relationships and communicate effectively. 
You learn how to move towards goals and enjoy the journey along the way without unnecessary interruption from old baggage and the inner critic in your head judging you every time you make a small mistake.

With Self Mastery, you release old emotions and create gratitude and love, so that you can walk on this earth feeling happy, powerful, confident, and at peace. 

Studies and Education:

  • A several years study of the Self Mastery work and teachings of Gary Van Warmerdam, author of “MindWorks” and creator of the Self Mastery course.  Those studies include working personally one-on-one with him for the last 2+ years and teaching the Self Mastery work at his online community. Gary is a former student of Don Miguel Ruiz, Author of “The Four Agreements” and many other wonderful books. Gary’s teachings carry his spirit and the Toltec wisdom teachings.
  • A Mindfulness Meditation and Dharma Teacher Diploma from Wingate College in Israel. A 6-month study and internship around teaching meditation and mindfulness tools to various audiences as well as becoming familiar with Buddhist psychology and practices for creating personal change and improving wellbeing.  
  • A evidence-based youth resilience and life coach certification at the “Youth Coaching Institute”, a coaching school that specializes in evidence-based coaching solutions and interventions for teens and youth based on the latest research in coaching, psychology, and the psychology of the adolescent stage. “Youth Coaching Institute” is a certified school by the international coaching federation(ICF) and by the Center for Credentialing and Education.
  • Studying Zen teachings and Zen coaching with former  Zen monk for 14 years, Alex Mill. Alex is the author of “The Zen Life”, is a Zen Life Coach based in the U.S. 

Other studies and works that I incorporate include(but are not excluded to):

  • “The Work” by Byron Katie
  • Teachings of Eckhart Tolle and Non – Duality as taught by Rupert Spira and Mooji
  • Internal Family Systems(IFS)
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Whatever is most relevant and helpful to the client

I merge and combine the best tools I know so that you can experience powerful changes in your life. I only care about you being happy, and I open every door possible for you to experience that and make the changes you want for yourself.

Most importantly, my main tool is you. Our work together is very dynamic, no one tool can cut it. Our coaching is an in-the-moment creation of helping you create powerful changes and moving towards where you want to move. Shifting to a grander, more expansive new version of you. 

Self Mastery is the framework and lens through which this all happens and as you develop Self Mastery in all areas of your life: With my guidance and your beautiful wisdom and desires, magic is going to happen everywhere you look. 

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