Your Feelings aren’t Feelings!

Hey there dear, I have something to share with you.   I want to share with you that your feelings aren’t feelings!   “Now what the hell do you mean by that Daniel? That doesn’t make any sense!”.    Ok let me clarify, what you THINK your feelings are, aren’t feelings. You often confuse your […]

The Goal vs Process of Being Happy

I was talking to a client recently and sharing that focusing on feeling good rather than focusing on how I’m actually feeling is something that really got me stuck in my process sometimes. I was obsessing about feeling Good RIGHT NOW, instead of feeling what’s actually here and I think that if I simply focused […]

The day I decided to be happy no matter what, or kill myself in a year

  I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in deep total darkness, depressed, and actually wanted to die because I believed that death was the only way to take my pain away. My thoughts were driving me crazy: telling me how much of a failure I am, how unworthy I am, and how […]

How to Change Your Life

Have you ever thought about how do you actually change your life? Like, how does it work? What steps does it take to get there? What tools and resources are required? What actions? What support? Like how do you actually do it? How? In my experience, it takes many different skills, tools, resources AND there are many […]

Who’s in Charge of Your Experience?

Who’s in Charge Of Your Experience?   Who is it? Is it you? Consciously? Purposefully? Intentfully?   Do you always feel the way you want to feel? Or are you always present consciously with the feeling that’s there?   Or is it something else in charge? Is anger in charge? Fear? Shame? Anxiety?   Who’s […]

Expanding Into Love in a Challenging Universe

Expanding into love in a challenging universe: Do you ever think that you just wish there was more love in the universe? That there was more love in the world? That there was more tenderness, more care, more compassion, more kindness, warmth, love.  Do you ever find yourself wishing that?  Sometimes I do.  But let’s […]

The difference between feelings and perceptions:

There’s often a confusion or misunderstanding I see, first of all with myself, then with other people and clients that is quite helpful to sort out and get clearer on for your process. The misunderstanding is the difference between feelings and perceptions. We often in our language and day-to-day lives, confuse the difference between feelings\emotions […]