Your Pain is Your Liberation

You, you who tries to escape from your pain, who desperately tries to “feel better” and to be “happy”. You who desperately chases the thrill, the short-living high, the drug, the alcohol, the attention from other people. The likes, the comments, the compliments. You who desperately chases money for happiness, who uses sex, social hangouts, […]

Emotional Integrity

Articles on reintegrating repressed emotions and restoring an inner sense of wholeness.

Why Positive Thinking doesn’t work

Why “positive thinking” does not work, A controversial take on things: Many times clients tell me about certain difficulties they had on a particular day, some challenges, strong emotions, or negative thoughts that came up. They tell me about how much they struggled to think positive, struggled with themselves or their thoughts and negative feelings […]

The Little Light / Daniel Moor

I wrote and read this little poem below in a retreat in Teotihuacan, Mexico. Some people asked me if I could share it. What I didn’t share in Teo(short for Teotihuacan) but was perhaps understood is that this poem is about me. Sometimes we forget to notice our own light, here’s a reminder: The Little […]

The Samurai Who Embraced The Dark / Daniel Moor

The Samurai Who Embraced The Dark – A Story I sent this story to my Wonderful and talented friend and client Audrey Mey and she painted some rather really gorgeous pictures to illustrate it more powerfully. Sometimes we reject parts of ourselves to the dark, sometimes we deem them wrong. Sometimes we condition our love to […]

How to Support Me / Daniel Moor

I want to share something I wrote this morning on support. I was thinking about someone I love, and how to support her the best, what true loving support looks and feels like, and how to support someone and ourselves. This is what came up. How to Support Me / Daniel Moor: I don’t need […]