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Monthly Workshops

I believe in the power of a group to connect, grow, learn and expand together. 

In these monthly workshops, we deep dive into a topic with clear explanations, and practical exercises to help you transform your lives.

Each topic we explore will be directly connected to something in your life that you can change, impact, explore or improve. 

The experiential basis of these workshops means we will engage in exercises, and breakout room conversations, and there will be time for Q&A so that you can ask questions relevant to your life and make progress with anything that you’re stuck on. 

Currently, access to these workshops is on an invitation-only basis to keep a high quality of participants and interactions(meaning, if you’re reading this, I or someone you know invited you here!). They are completely complementary, because I want to have whoever is invited to them to be able to attend and get the full benefit free of charge. 

Here is what participants have to say about these:

There is something about connecting with others that are on the same journey and path that I am on, and I found Daniel's workshop to be a great way to connect with others and their experience -- which enriches and accelerates my own mind work. Some of this was done in a larger group setting and some in small, intimate break out sessions. In the first session, I learned how to listen intently to the challenges and struggles of others but also see their growth potential outside of their own mental box. I can now apply that to my own mental box to break outside of it further. Even beyond that, Daniel uses a group setting to explore new ideas, expand perspectives, and help each of us view the world through a new lens. Thanks Daniel...Looking forward to more!
Rob Guarnera
Richmond, Virginia
I so enjoyed it. It was an important reminder of how the true self is always present, BUT it is an active choice to turn to it. I can choose to rest in it, and I can choose not to. It reminded me that I had forgotten to make that choice for a while. Beautiful! And I love how you conveyed the true self as something easily accessible. As the most concrete thing there ever was. Thank you Daniel.
Malin Strandberg
Sweden, Student, Chi Qong teacher
"I just wanted to thank you for the meeting today. It helped me through my emotional distress. I must admit for the first hour I was in a lot of pain, but it started to wane with the passing of time. In any case, I’m glad I had the courage to try, and that was partly because of my faith in you and the love you have demonstrated to me. I felt safe. I really enjoyed connecting with the people in the breakout room. It was so nice to express and listen to each other. I haven’t connected like that in a long while, and it was very soothing. I felt a lot of compassion in the breakout room. I was able to tell them how I was feeling and to “witness” it. Thanks again. I would love to attend the next meeting if you have one."
Ed C.
Teacher, North Carolina

July Workshop Topic:

May’s workshops is called: Emotional Healing: A Simple Frame Work to Heal and Integrate Trauma As it Shows Up in Your Daily Life. 

Here's Some of What We'll Explore:

I want to share with you about it more, and about my definition of trauma as I’ve come to look at it, and why I think this workshop is going to be tremendously helpful if you use the practice you gain from it in your daily life:
Trauma is not what happens to you, it’s what happened inside you as a result of what happens to you. And Trauma is essentially a constriction, a disconnection with Self. Any painful event in your life, that due to which 
your ability to respond to events with flexibility was hampered and constricted, was traumatic for you.
That means that, any event in your life, in which you have a hard time being flexible in how you see things, how you react(instead of respond), in how you feel, is a telltale sign of a trauma response.
Why is healing trauma important? Because when we heal the past of trauma, as it’s showing up in the present, we’re able to create a better future for ourselves.
It’s about being more present, and removing the obstacles to being present, so we can fundamentally be present in the here and now, and then create a better future for yourself.
And trauma is not just the big T trauma like sexual abuse and a parent being addicted, but also any form of you feeling like your emotional needs weren’t met as a child.
So in the workshop, I will help you understand how trauma is showing up in your life and give you simple tools so that you can work with it, heal it and live more powerfully and strongly in the present. 
You will learn simple questions to ask yourselves whenever an emotional reaction arises, as well as learn how to develop your emotional body awareness and resilience so that you can be more attuned to whatever is going on inside you(and therefore live more from SELF than Ego). 
I’ll share with you that healing my own trauma, was the most powerful gift I gave myself. It was a rebirth into a new life. A life of freedom, fun, joy and the flexibility to choose and be who I want to be, whenever I want to.
And I wouldn’t have been able to do that, if I hadn’t learned how to heal the remnants of the past still inside my mind and body. 
I look forward to it very much. 
In Love to you Daniel. 

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