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Do What Supports You

Do What Supports You

*The following article is translated from Hebrew so may not be as grammatically correct as my more recent articles. *

Do what supports you:

“To keep a lamp burning, you have to keep putting oil in it” – Mother Theresa
It’s so easy not to do what we support! We commit to one thing and then find ourselves hours on the phone, watching a series even after it’s boring, eating full of junk food or losing our attention to the daily drama reported in the news. Everywhere we go there seems to be a temptation to suffer: “Look here!”, “Look here!”, This is a great recipe for distraction.
I had a hard time with it and maybe it sounds familiar, I knew there were full of great things I could do with my time that would support me and enrich my life but still I found myself playing on the computer more time than I wanted, wasting full time aiming at the phone or being sucked into thoughts for hours instead Do what I really want to do and who supports me.
It took me a while to figure it out but it’s pretty simple: if I do not commit to a diary and save time for things that really matter to me – they just will not happen. Because if I do not do this my automatic habits will remain and take control. “Intending” to do what supports me is not enough, I must intend and do everything I could to make it happen so that I do not “forget” or postpone it to “later”. One objection my brain had to this was that my mind said it sounded “too restrictive” and that I should “flow with life” (flowing with life in this case means staying with habits that do not support me), but that is simply not true. Because from the moment I learned to commit and do what supports me, I do not look back and it feels great, I finally do what makes me good. What if I suddenly do not meet them? No problem I commit again and take action again.
an adventure:
Think and choose one thing that you want to do and that you are not currently doing, something positive that you want to start and just have not started yet.
Here are some things to consider:
What did you choose? Why did you choose it? How will this thing support you and enrich your life when you do it?
It can be anything: walking outside every morning, meditating, listening to music you like at a certain time of the day, learning to play something, reading the book you constantly put off reading, yoga, sports whatever you choose.
Here are the things I chose that added to my life: meditation every morning, cycling / walking outside every morning and every day write down three things I cherish for.
But for the adventure please choose one thing because it is better to start small.
Now: Take the phone and put it on schedule at a certain time tomorrow, there is a closure anyway so there are not many excuses. . Choose a time that is appropriate and comfortable and if necessary let others know that this is what you will do during this time. This is a great time and opportunity just for you, to do what supports you instead of what not.
Do not get me wrong there is nothing wrong with the things I mentioned above like for example watching TV, but if they are our priority and our time investment over what most supports us and does us good then it is time to reconsider our priorities and what is important to us anew.

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