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How to Change Your Life

How to Change Your Life

Have you ever thought about how do you actually change your life?

Like, how does it work?
What steps does it take to get there?
What tools and resources are required?
What actions?
What support?
Like how do you actually do it?
In my experience, it takes many different skills, tools, resources AND there are many ways to get THERE, “THERE”  being, wherever you want to be.
Life is only lived once here, so we better make full use of it, we better live it fully.
Today I have an interview to share with you(You can watch it below), with a woman who’s very good at changing her life. Very good at making changes, Georgie Mason.
Georgie worked with me in coaching and therapy for about a year. She’s also done all sorts of other work on herself for quite some time and has consequently made gigantic changes in her life and who she is.
She’s a talented artist from London, England, and a gentle and beautiful human being and soul.
And in this interview, she shares more about herself,her journey our work together, and how she got to make so many big changes in the time span of a year.
Here is some of what we talk about:
– How doing the internal work on herself, helped Georgie improve her romantic relationships with men. – How the belief that she’s not good enough impacted her relationships with other people and what changed in her life when she stopped believing it. – “Why being 10 minutes late to a coaching session and being “called out “on it changed her life. – How connecting to herself deeply throughout the year led to direct and indirect changes in all areas of her life and how she shows up in the world. – What she loved about the combination of coaching in therapy in our work together and why it was powerful for her. – Me sharing the changes I noticed in her. +Lots and lots more!
This interview was really fun for me to make and relisten to. It is also filled with lots of jokes if you know me and is pretty fun😂.
If you want to make changes in your life, if you have the desire to change and want to learn some of the elements of how change works, or if you just want to have some more hope and desire for yourself that change IS possible, I’m sure this interview will be of a lot of benefit to you and your life.
Because you deserve to be happy and make changes too.
And you can do it! If I can do it, if Georgie can do it, then you can do it too!
In any way, I love you, I’m proud of you, and I hope you enjoy what Georgie has to share.
Much love to you, In LovingKindness, Daniel❤.

Table of Contents

The Understanding That Changed My Life + [FREE WORKSHOP ANNOUNCEMENT]

You are made of heart, mind, and SOULSELF. The embodied understanding of this can change your life. In truth, you are the self, you are the soul, but in this human vehicle you operate, you also have a mind and a heart. Another name for the heart in how I refer to it here, is the emotional body. At your best, you 3 are an awesome team, creating a better life for yourself, a better, happier you, and a better more happy, and thriving humanity. At worst, your mind can abuse your emotional body…

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Integrating Mind, Heart, Soul – A Vital Key To Your Happiness, Part 1

This is a topic I’m excited to talk about absolutely, as it’s been really benefitting my life. Mind – The mind is great at many things, like logic and abstract thinking. The strengths of the mind are clear rational thinking, and making connections between different dots and patterns that without it, wouldn’t be recognizable. Creating a schedule, being forward-thinking, being financially responsible, and remembering things. Doing math and science. Doing lenient tasks. These are things the mind…

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Spiritual Practice Can Save Your Life:

This morning I woke up with my nervous system feeling kind of iffy, disconnected, and stressed. It was an enjoyable and busy week in which I probably pushed it too much and moved at a pace that wasn’t natural for it. I then went on with my day and because of that stress, I was consumed with worried thoughts the whole day Because of so much anxiety and hurry, I yelled at my partner for no good reason and we had a fight. I made lots of mistakes at work because I wasn’t focused, and then went on…

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