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What Can These 2 Pillows Teach You About Finding Harmony Between Your Mind, Heart And Spirit?

What Can These 2 Pillows Teach You About Finding Harmony Between Your Mind, Heart And Spirit?

Hey Reader, a few weeks ago I ran the first part of the Integrating Heart – Mind – Spirit workshop series, and from what people had to share, they found it really helpful and amazing.

One woman shared that she experienced no judgment from her mind for 3 whole days (that’s a huge achievement for her), another shared she found a deeper understanding of herself and inner peace,

and a 3rd shared about how she got in touch with a deep pain in her heart she didn’t see as clearly before. This awareness allowed her to feel compassion for herself, and being a journey of healing.

If you want to watch the full recording of the workshop for free, I’ll send a link for it at the bottom of this email (Because you know I love to treat you well❤️), and today I want to share with you here a short clip, that has been a highlight for many from the workshop, and it is a clip about the wonderful drama story and loving reunification of these 2 AMAZING PILLOWS NEAR MY BED.

Ok, KIND OF… 🙂

See, in this short clip from the workshop I will share with you below, I took 2 pillows from my bed that have been FIGHTING HARD.

One pillow is called: “Mind” , the other is called “Heart”, and I had them kiss and deeply connect with each other.

The mind has been abusing the heart – calling her worthless, too sensitive, silly, too emotional.. Repressing her desires, ignoring her cries for help, ignoring her pain, judging her and scaring her for too long.

She, the heart, has been abusing him too: She has told him his boundaries don’t matter, that he is worthless, ignored his desires for greater stability and wise long-term planning and thinking of consequences to actions, ignored his desire for structure, and called him stupid and weak many many times.

I think it’s time they stop fighting, it’s time they get together in harmony and love, it’s time they reunite.

It’s time that we, THE SELF come back as natural leaders, and create a bridge that will heal the split and war between the mind and the heart, so that we regain inner peace and self love again.

It’s time we create unconditional love inside of us, by healing that split, so that we may live in joy and spontaneity in the moment, WHILE living in wise planning and thinking of the future.

It’s possible to do both, this is what the Buddha called: “The Middle Way”.

Peace be with you, enjoy the video below on the 2 pillows, I hope you find it as funny as I did, and as helpful as it was for me and the participants I shared it with.

video preview

For The Full Workshop Recording, Click Here.

P.S: Part 2 of the Heart – Mind – Self workshop is happening this weekend on Sunday. We will go much much deeper in it into how to heal the wounded dynamics between our mind and heart, and lead life with presence, courage and unconditional love.

Reply “ME!” to this email if you want the link to join it.

In LovingKindness, Daniel❤️.

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