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Expanding Into Love in a Challenging Universe

Expanding Into Love in a Challenging Universe

Expanding into love in a challenging universe:

Do you ever think that you just wish there was more love in the universe?

That there was more love in the world?

That there was more tenderness, more care, more compassion, more kindness, warmth, love. 

Do you ever find yourself wishing that? 

Sometimes I do. 

But let’s expand on that for a moment. 

All we want is love

That’s what we most want.

That’s what we long for.


We can extend this statement into the following statement:

All we want is love, peace, beauty and happiness.


That’s all we long for, day in and day out.

From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed, all we seek is more love, peace, beauty and happiness. 


But the universe doesn’t seem to always work that way right?

It doesn’t always seem easy.

We don’t always feel the love in our hearts, or the peace in our minds, or percieve the beauty of the sun at day and the stars at night. 

We don’t always feel happy and joyful when we wake up in the morning and start the day.


Why is that do you think? 

And what do you think can help change that?


These are some questions I ask myself daily. 


Here’s what might be an answer to these challenging questions:


The universe isn’t here to give us what we want, but it sure is here to give us what we need. 


We often believe that happiness comes from the outside, that belief entraps us in unhealthy actions, thoughts and behaviors. 


While happiness, love, can come from different sources of relationships, actions and activities, 

The true source of love and happiness is always within.


What happens is that if we don’t get that, we end up suffering, and a lot, we end up not enjoying the day.


Why do we not enjoy the day?


Because the day doesn’t do what we want it to do!

The day gets messy!

Things happen that we don’t want them to happen!

People do things, that we absolutely DO NOT want them to do!


Whether on a personal scale, or on a larger world and universal scale, things happen that we often naturally do not wish to happen to us or those we care about. 


Yet, that’s just how life is, and our resistance to life, seems to be just how we are, perhaps way too often. 


So how do we change? How do we find love, how do we find, dare I say, lasting happiness in this world?


It takes 2 things: 

  1. A willingness to change. An unbending, impeccable desire to be happy and in love with life no matter what.
  2. Some practice and good guidance on how to do that and figure that out.


If we have those two, were set to be on a road for prosperous wealth, not the kind that comes with money, but inner wealth that comes from within.


The first step is the willingness, the second step is the right practices and guidance to get us there.

The road is a long one, but it’s worth it, as every year you get happier and happier. 


Do you become happier and happier every year?

Reflect on that honestly for a moment.


Is that the case for you? 


If so, you are on this road in a good way.


If not, it might be time to make some life changes if you care about your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical well being. 


I wish you the best in getting “there”, to further on that road of love and happiness.

That road is endless, but there sure are specific points when it becomes more and more fun.


So how do we expand to love in a challenging universe?


By practicing loving everything, by practicing the art of being happy no matter what.

It starts with a decision, it starts with some first steps, and it starts with good practice and guidance.


May you be happier more and more every year.

May you end the year 2023 happier than you finished 2022(even if you finished it pretty good). 


May you experience happiness and the internal causes of happiness, and may you experience love and the internal causes of love.


May you be free of suffering, and the causes of suffering.



If there’s anything you need guidance on, I’m here to help. Feel free to ask me any question you want and I’ll see what I can do. 


In LovingKindness, Daniel❤️.  

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