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Going With The Herd

Going With The Herd

*The following article is translated from Hebrew so may not be as grammatically correct as my more recent articles. *

Going With the herd:

Do not just follow what everyone else is doing, it leads to a miserable life and it is not fun at all. Who’s the driver, who’s the captain of our ship? Do we have a clear goal? Do we live with the heart? Or are we following everything the “cool” or “normal and normal” ships do for fear of being inappropriate. Here is an interesting diagnosis in my eyes that some people say, what is “normal” in our society is sometimes also a synonym for “crazy”. It may be harsh words but it is often true.
People follow what everyone else is doing, people are looking for cheap attention on social media, spending hours of their lives quietly browsing social networks on the phone just to feel suffering, envy, not good enough and so that at the end of the day the judgmental voice in their brain will tell them how much they are worthless. That they spent their day while everyone they saw took advantage of his life and was doing much better than them. Of course the great comedic irony is that the voice in the minds of those people they see almost certainly tells them the same thing. And if he does not tell them that then he is probably telling them something along the lines of “Look how fake you are, making yourself important and successful on Instagram while inside you know you are not worth anything”.
How many lies, how many lies this voice tells. Still, everyone believes in him and listens to him. People work in jobs just, even without passion and if they do not really want to, without too much real reason. People do a degree in a particular subject without knowing at all why or if they want to pursue the profession they are studying. “For the money” they say, hoping money will make them happy or give them a slight rest from the pain inside. Of course this will not happen, inner pain has only an inner solution, in our love it is.
Do we let the sea, wind and waves just sweep our ship or do we navigate it with meaning, direction of passion and pleasure? How do we live our lives? Are we happy with that?
Do not do what everyone else does, it will just leave you with everyone’s results – a fake smile and a feeling of emptiness inside if you have luck, clinical depression, severe anxiety and trying to make up for it all with drugs from companies that roll over your suffering millions at worst. All that is left with him in such a case is a sense of missing out on the special opportunity we have to live. Of course it is never too late, inner liberation can come at the age of 20 at the age of 40 or at the age of 90 years before death, every moment is a good moment to be free from suffering.
The thing is that it’s so hard to see what’s going on inside without the right tools, so many beliefs have infiltrated us that it’s really hard to see out of the fog into the light of our heart. We need to cleanse and get rid of these beliefs once and for all and anyone who does this will be able to help others and his community do the same.
The “Self mastery course” by Gary Van Vermeerdam, my mentor and apprentice for years by Don Miguel Ruiz the author of the book “4 Agreements” is the best tool I know for the task and I always highly recommend it. It is also not too expensive and you can try it for free. I do not gain anything from posting it and no one has asked me, it’s just something I know can help.
I also highly recommend watching the videos and reading the books of the spiritual teacher “Eckhart Tolle”.
Have a good week ahead, I hope all this helps, do not follow others, follow your heart and what makes you really good. Do not try to show important just because this attention is not love. If you love the results some people get from their lives, do what they do. Just consider and examine in depth first that what they present is not an illusion – there is no shortage of millionaires, celebs and many people who presented themselves in one way or another, many followed them but they themselves were revealed as illusion and miserable. They are not bad people, they just tried to look as important as everyone else and that’s fine, it just does not make anyone happy.

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