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How do you want to start your mornings

How do you want to start your mornings

*The following article is translated from Hebrew so may not be as grammatically correct as my more recent articles. *

How I would like to start the morning:

“Become a work of art every day” – John Woode

Aww this morning! Another new opportunity to live, another new chapter out of tens of thousands of chapters in our lives. How do we start this episode? Did this episode start with writing with anxiety, stress? If so it’s okay, no need to stress or be anxious that anxiety is present here, but let’s be aware that this is the way we start the morning if that is the case.
I admit, until about three months ago I would start the morning and straight out pick up the phone. At least a few minutes later I would meditate but still. It matters how we start the morning because the morning is a preparation for the rest of the day! And a strong start helps and supports a strong day! If I start my day in the way I love the most, calmly and lovingly and after a good night’s sleep and eating healthy food, what a great! Imagine you are starting your morning perfectly for you, in the best way possible. What would you do? How would he start? What important things would you do in the morning that would have a positive effect on your mood and the rest of the day? Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Maybe it’s getting up half an hour earlier so as not to go out to work under pressure (okay now there’s a closure but you got the point), maybe it’s to start listening to music, playing the guitar, meditating, walking outside or playing sports. Maybe it’s making a dish you like or just sitting quietly on the porch and drinking coffee with the newspaper. Whatever it is, be aware of the good impact it can have on your life.
Be aware of this too: old habits will come up, notice if there are voices in your mind telling you “this is not possible”, “this is not for you”, “you do not have time”, “it all sounds really good but maybe we will do it later, We’ll start it another day, “it is very likely to happen. But why? Is it really that complicated to start the day well or are my thoughts just saying that but that’s not really the case?
I like to start my day with meditation, walking outside, reading something inspiring and with a list of gratitude. I find that it works for me and that since I do it my day is getting better, what about you?
an adventure:
Choose one little thing that you would like to do in the morning and that would support you. The smallest there is! The smaller the better! Now, connect to why it is important for you to do it, how will it help you? How much can it affect your day for the better? Imagine you are starting this great thing in the morning, why is this thing so wonderful?
Tomorrow Sunday, do an experiment with yourself! Try this new thing for the coming week, give it a try! After a week rethink whether it is appropriate or not and what you would like to change or improve. Life is a game, make your day a work of art as John Wooden says. Pay attention to thoughts that convince you to do otherwise: “This is just a Facebook post”, “Maybe later”, “Maybe in the future”, whatever it is, pay attention to it, write the thoughts on a page! Is this thought really in your favor? Does it really serve you? My guess is no.
Commit to this little thing and give it a chance, pay attention to everything that happens on the way to do it, pay attention to thoughts that convince you otherwise and if the commitment did not happen – pay attention to everything that happened along the way and led to you not doing it then take new action with new insights These.