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Spiritual Practice Can Save Your Life:

Spiritual Practice Can Save Your Life:

This morning I woke up with my nervous system feeling kind of iffy, disconnected, and stressed.

It was an enjoyable and busy week in which I probably pushed it too much and moved at a pace that wasn’t natural for it.

I then went on with my day and because of that stress, I was consumed with worried thoughts the whole day

Because of so much anxiety and hurry, I yelled at my partner for no good reason and we had a fight.

I made lots of mistakes at work because I wasn’t focused, and then went on to bump my car against a wall when parking and got a scratch on it because I wasn’t paying attention.

At the end of the day I was feeling beat out, exhausted, tired, and really upset, and had a giant headache from all that stress.


Let’s back up a bit, to the moment I woke up with my nervous system feeling stressed after a busy week.

In that moment I had a choice: do I continue my busy day as usual and reinforce this energy, or do I choose something different?

Through some divine support, I reckon, I chose the latter.

I took out my journaling notebook and did some belief inventory to explore the characters and patterns behind how I’m feeling, and got really deep with it.

The journaling helped me step out of their emotions and stories and feel more relaxed.

I then went on to do some relaxation breathing and attended a yoga class, after which I felt quite energetic, happy, and exuberated.

Now I’m in the middle of my day, feeling much more centered and calm.

There is still some anxiety here and there that I feel while typing this, but I am much more present and happy.

This brings me back to the title of this post: “Spiritual Practice Can Save Your Life”.

And to me, I call this saving my life. My spiritual practice saved me from my own suffering, my own pain, my own negative patterns.

My life is my moment-to-moment experience, so when I do a practice that shifts my inner state and then feels better – I am saving my life in that moment.

I feel better, I live better, I create better. I am present, happy, and grateful, and also in an embrace of all the so-called “negative” feelings and stress.

Spiritual practice can do that to you too.

What’s a practice that you’ve been practicing lately, that has been supporting you and your life? I’d love to hear(and perhaps try it out).

In LovingKindness, Daniel❤️.

P.S: I recently posted the recording of a workshop I did in the community 2 weeks ago about “How To Maintain A Flourishing Spiritual Practice”, intended to help you with connecting to your “WHY” for doing the practices and find an easy way to maintain consistency with your spiritual practice.

What you practice is what you get, so maintaining a consistent spiritual practice for me has been a real key to a happy life.

You can access the recording through the link below: https://selfmastery.mn.co/posts/52267314?utm_source=manual

(If you don’t have an account in the Self Mastery Community, you will first have to open one for free to access the recording).

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