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Seeing Myself

Seeing Myself

Seeing myself.


Today I took my dog down for a walk and I saw myself.


I saw myself in my dog, the dog is myself, the dog is my own being.

I then saw a cat, running towards us, that cat is myself, that cat is my own being.

I looked around the trees and people moving by, they are also myself.

I felt happy, and then felt a fear, the fear was saying: “What if I forget this understanding”, and that fear is myself, speaking to myself.

I saw the space around me and I saw myself.

I see the sky, and I see myself.

I am writing on a laptop, and I see myself, and the words themselves, are myself.


Everything is myself.

This creation is a creation and celebration of myself, made of myself, known by myself, appearing in myself, and I myself, am playing a role in this game that I am playing with myself.

All is the Self, know nothing but the Self, Love nothing but the Self, see nothing but the Self.


Everything I see, Hear, Smell, Touch, Feel, Think, Taste is myself.

Thank you for this game were playing.