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Your Pain is Your Liberation

Your Pain is Your Liberation

You, you who tries to escape from your pain, who desperately tries to “feel better” and to be “happy”. You who desperately chases the thrill, the short-living high, the drug, the alcohol, the attention from other people. The likes, the comments, the compliments. You who desperately chases money for happiness, who uses sex, social hangouts, video games, your phone, and even meditation to escape from how you feel, to escape from this moment now. 


Who daydreams constantly to avoid what’s emotionally real for you at this moment, who believes the next product you buy, the next man or woman you find, the next job, the next moment, the next vacation is what will ultimately make you happy.


All to escape how you feel in this moment, all to escape your pain. What you don’t realize and forgot is that in your pain lies your liberation. In your pain lies your truth, only when you deeply go into the darkness can you truly find the light. 


We use many different methods to manipulate our emotional body: 

Food, drugs, alcohol, other people, sex, buying of products, “positive thinking”(which is often actually used as “emotionally repressive thinking”), and countless others in a desperate attempt to escape our pain and real authentic emotional situation. 


Our emotions are not to be manipulated but to be gently cared for. We want things to be easy but what really need is for things to be REAL and life shows us that time and time again.


“So what to do instead? “- There’s no need to do anything, life paves the way for our liberation without our conscious effort. We don’t need to DO, we need to BE. To BE unconditionally present in our experience, with what’s real for us instead of constantly trying to escape into la la la land in various methods. We don’t need fixing, we need Being. That’s the true lasting way for transformation, one that actually works. 


May you take good care and BE with yourself. In LovingKindness, Daniel❤️.

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