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Helping Yourself Be Happy

Helping Yourself Be Happy

Helping Yourself Be Happy:
“Maybe we need to love ourselves so powerfully that when others see us, they know exactly how to do it” – Rudy Francisco.
We were not born to hate ourselves, I believe God/The Universe created us to live a wonderful life that serves us and life itself. For such a thing to happen, we must serve ourselves and love ourselves at least as much as others.
There is only one problem: yes, yes, we know right away what it is, the obstacle to loving ourselves is all the false standards of perfection that prevent us from expressing love towards ourselves. And of course their good friend, the inner judge who is responsible for enforcing them! With them, the simple task we were given as children of enjoying every moment becomes one big challenge. The judge will freely tell us what is wrong with a particular event, with a particular person, and of course with ourselves.
Our worldview is a mirror to ourselves and therefore external judgment indicates internal judgment. The standards we set for others are the same standards we set for ourselves and therefore our degree of love for ourselves is proportional to our degree of love for the world. But the journey to self-love is not easy and that is because these standards are so strong and internalized within us in a variety of forms. In addition to this, there is a large accumulation of negative emotions that have accumulated in our bodies over the years and that need to be healed and released.
The journey is challenging but there are real steps we can take:
Releasing our belief from the negative judgments in our mind -> Releasing negative emotions stuck in the body -> Creating the life and emotional experience we want in our lives instead of the old structure of judgment and suffering.
Where to start? What about now in this moment, how about looking ourselves in the mirror and saying “Hey my love, I will help you stop suffering, I will support you and hold your hand all the way, I am here for you as long as I am alive”. Yes, when we say this to ourselves our mind will resist and say “how can you love yourself when you do not yet meet all these standards? It is not possible and you are far from perfect and worthy of love”. What did we expect? Do not worry, we will move on because we do not have to believe what the mind says.
Now it remains only to apply it, the same self-love every day, every hour, every moment, and every breath of our lives, until there is no room for any judgment. Until we erase from our minds the last judgment left and all that is left, is the fun of the moment and imagination for what the future may be.
This is not an easy task and sometimes it requires a lot of guidance, I could not have imagined myself dealing with all these judgments without guidance from wise and kind-hearted people who have already made their way.
If you see yourself needing this assistance or are just a little curious and want to talk or ask feel free to contact me in private.
May we have a good and loving week ahead and enjoy everything in life.

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