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On forgiveness and forgiving – Yom Kippur 2021

On forgiveness and forgiving – Yom Kippur 2021

Yom Kippur is a holiday that I  deeply resonate with im  Judaism. It is a time for internal growth,  reflection, honesty, and healing. It is a time to say “I’m sorry” with courageous honesty and to say “I forgive you” with fierce love.

Here is my “I’m sorry” list, my own reflection from this past year.

I apologize for:

1. Every time I was not honest, that I lied and did actions that did no good to others and were only for my own benefit.

2. Every time I judged myself or others and created suffering for myself and them.

3. Every time I did not treat my body with respect due to my unhealthy eating habits.

4. Every time I did not honor the environment and nature and hurt it with ignorant actions.

5. I apologize for all the times I acted unwisely and from fear instead of love.

I wholeheartedly apologize to anyone affected by these things💝

This year, I choose to  forgive the following:

1. Every time someone judged me, lied to me, did actions that were harmful to me and only good for them.

2. Every time I was not treated with respect and integrity.

3. I forgive every time people and the world did not behave as I expected and wanted because no one promised me that things would happen the way I want them to.

4 . I forgive corruption in the government and various big companies, I forgive ignorance, I forgive greed, I forgive those who spread violence and lies. I forgive the media and everyone in the various media and networks who choose to spread hatred and ignorance.

5. I  forgive people who harm the environment and pollute it or deny global warming, I forgive people who throw their cigarettes on the street, I forgive those who leave plastic bags in our oceans or in the street.

6. I forgive terrorists and governments who commit horrific acts of violence.

7. I forgive myself for every time I believed thoughts of fear that limit me or cause me suffering and I vow to learn otherwise.

8. I forgive any negative belief and any resentment, block, or expectation that I hold within me and that I have not yet released.

I believe that resentment, hatred, and judging people and situations do not help anyone. Forgiveness is not a weakness but something powerful and liberating, in keeping resentment and hatred we cause only ourselves to suffer and not anyone else, because the poison of hatred, judgment, and resentment is in us.

No one has promised me that the expectations of my mind from the world and from other people will come true, so I choose an honest, open, and loving encounter with the truth of what is. Only after I fully encounter the truth do I have the opportunity for growth, healing, and improvement.

I am constantly forming a new version of myself.

I also have a lot to be grateful for.  I am grateful for all the things that happened that I wanted and all the lessons I learned from when they did not, I thank myself for all the times I was honest, all the times I spoke from my heart, and for doing my best every day. I thank my loved ones and all the angels who do the same.

May peace be with you and may you be free from suffering, greed, ignorance, attachment, and emotional pain – Daniel.

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