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The Little Light / Daniel Moor

The Little Light / Daniel Moor

I wrote and read this little poem below in a retreat in Teotihuacan, Mexico. Some people asked me if I could share it. What I didn’t share in Teo(short for Teotihuacan) but was perhaps understood is that this poem is about me.

Sometimes we forget to notice our own light, here’s a reminder:

The Little Light / Daniel Moor

Once upon a time, there was a little light
He came in so beautiful, shining in the night.

He was so excited and happy all the time
No matter what was happening he’d feel that everything’s just fine

But one little day,
In the month of may
The tiny little light met a long-forgotten ray.

The ray who forgot, now living in the dark
Told the tiny little light, that light he is not.

The light believed the lie
And started crying all the time
Pain became his normal
His light started to die.

No more a light, now living in the dark
Despite all of his pain, there remained a tiny spark.

And as the pain grew
Deep inside he knew
That despite all of the darkness
Something wasn’t true.

And so the tiny little light
Who felt the tiny little spark inside
Started a not so tiny little journey
To find his inner tribe.

As he stopped looking outside
And started to look within
Beneath all of the pain

He saw a little a dream

And so the longing grew
To find out what is true
He wanted some guidance
And found a mentor or 2

He also found a few good friends
Who helped guide him into himself
He was ready to release some fears
Clear some space in his bottom shelf

And as the years went by
His fears started to die
No more so much in darkness
he was now shedding lies.

The little light grew
And now finally knew
That despite all of the dark rain
He is now a big flame.

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