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Why Your Trauma Can Be Used As Your Biggest Nectar Of Spiritual Growth

Why Your Trauma Can Be Used As Your Biggest Nectar Of Spiritual Growth

Very often, trauma is looked upon as a problem, as something that needs to be healed or fixed, or resolved or processed so that we can finally be “happy” and reach the state of happiness most people have and that we would have had, had we not experienced it.

Or it’s looked at as something more psychological, something not as connected to spirituality.

Indeed, much of the research and work on trauma that has been done is mostly psychologically based, and on the other side, many modern spiritual teachings don’t speak of trauma at all or try to bypass it.

But what if Trauma is actually the biggest catalyst we can have for our spiritual growth?

What if our trauma can become one of our biggest gifts and superpowers in this lifetime?

That’s certainly what I found it to be for myself.

My trauma taught me the best lessons I could ever learn about life.

In working with, exploring, and healing your trauma, you can learn all the lessons your soul came to learn in this life and receive all the growth you need.

You can learn about how to set boundaries, you can learn about unconditional love compared to conditional love, you can learn about anger and what a powerful awesome force it is.

You can learn about grief, and pain, and how it can open your heart to deeper levels of humility, love, and compassion.

You can learn about the nature of life and energy.

About the nature of the nervous system’s survival state, how intelligent it is, and how to use it for your advantage and service rather than have it be stuck in an unregulated state.

Our trauma, which is essentially the pain that we carry from events we haven’t fully processed, can be one of our biggest gifts in this life, instead of a problem.

If we use it and work with it wisely in a process of healing, it can teach us everything we came here to learn, and turn us from unhappy, unconscious human beings, to very happy and conscious ones.

It’s like fuel for the soul that can be used to catapult each of us into greater and greater levels of awareness, love, inner peace, and joy.

Peace, light, and love are not found in the ignoring and escaping of pain, but in the embracing of it, and that’s what trauma invites all of us to learn.

Next Tuesday, the 28th, I’ll be doing a workshop on Trauma and the process of healing it. It will be the first of more to come in learning how to process trauma, but also learning how to work with it from a spiritual lens.

You can sign up through the link below(If you’re not in the self-mastery community, you’ll need to sign up first, it’s free):


Much much love to you all, Daniel❤️.


Thank you so much to the many of you who emailed me to see if me and my family are safe.

We are ok and I appreciate all the love and care from you all❤️.

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