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How to Support Me / Daniel Moor

How to Support Me / Daniel Moor

I want to share something I wrote this morning on support. I was thinking about someone I love, and how to support her the best, what true loving support looks and feels like, and how to support someone and ourselves.

This is what came up.

How to Support Me / Daniel Moor:

I don’t need you to fix me
I just need you to care
I don’t want you to change my situation
But just to know that you’re there

I want you to love me fully
Accept all parts of me too
I want you to be a listening ear
If only this you knew

Trust that I’m capable
Trust that I can change
Trust that I have power in me
It’s not just crying that remains

Trust that I’m worthy
Trust that I’m strong
That your support is enough
I need to write my own song

Some sound advice is helpful
But let me do the rest
You can offer your help
But it’s I who’ll do the best.