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Audrey Mey – Coaching Interview

Audrey Mey – Coaching Interview

Hey there! Do you know you’re an awesome person?

I sure do know you are.

And because you are so awesome, and you probably need this reminder because sometimes we feel shitty about ourselves.

I want to remind you of another thing:

You deserve to be so happy and in love with life, and it is totally possible for you to be so happy and in love with life.

How? Well, by letting go of all the beliefs and feelings in the way of your natural state of enjoyment with life.

How to do that?

It’s hard to explain such a process in an email, but today I have an interview to share that might just help shed light on that process.

See, a little over 6 months ago, an awesome person just like you, named Audrey Mey finished a 1-year coaching journey with me, and saw massive changes to her life and her whole belief system massively shift. And lucky for all of us here, I got to interview her about what that journey was like for her, and to hear from her what experiences she had, what insights she gained, what big changes she made and HOW she made those changes.

And now you can watch the interview too!

In the interview we speak about:

  • Audrey’s struggles with anxiety and how she learned to move past them by embracing her feelings and moving towards her anxiety rather than away from it.
  • How Audrey learned during our coaching journey together that what she always thought she wanted to get from life isn’t what she actually wanted (and how she then connected with what she truly wants from her soul).
  • Why Audrey had massive resistance and parts hating the process and wanting to finish it mid-way through the year
  • How coaching positively impacted areas of her life that we didn’t even talk about directly in the sessions (and why it works that way)
  • What advice Audrey will give people struggling with unhappiness in their journey right now + lots lots more jokes, deep insights and fun!

So check out the interview below or through the link here and hopefully you find it helpful with being happier and more at peace in the world, and gives you some insights on your journey.

Audrey is a really wise woman and my aim with these interviews is to make them as least salesy as possible and rather that they give an actual and accurate documentation of what a deep inner work 1-year process is, what it looks like, what changes can be made in it and also the honest, humane struggles along the way.


If like Audrey, you want to accelerate your inner work process toward deeper happiness, love, peace, wisdom, and consciousness – I have 2 spots currently open in my practice for coaching.

Reply to this email saying you’re interested and I’ll send you the details❤️.

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