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Your Feelings aren’t Feelings!

Your Feelings aren’t Feelings!

Hey there dear, I have something to share with you.


I want to share with you that your feelings aren’t feelings!


“Now what the hell do you mean by that Daniel? That doesn’t make any sense!”. 


Ok let me clarify, what you THINK your feelings are, aren’t feelings.

You often confuse your beliefs, your perceptions, and your stories with feelings!


You often THINK: “I feel Useless”, “I feel not good enough” or “I feel confused”, 




These are not feelings!

These are(sorted from the order above): A perception, A belief, and a state of mind. 


These are not feelings!


You probably often think that you feel your feelings, but actually, you become more identified with your stories!


No worries, by the way, I was exactly like that too.

Until one gentleman named Gabor Mate’ (you may have heard of him ) made sure to correct that.


See, what Gabor Mate’ explains, is that feelings are very simple, feelings are so simple that a small child can get them.


Feelings are I feel sad, I feel scared, I feel angry.

They are also I feel tired, I feel hungry, I feel the tension in my lower belly, and a buzzing sensation in my chest.


These are feelings!


Your feelings are Felt in the Body.


They are not ideas. They are not beliefs.

Beliefs are made up. 

Feelings are felt.


They are not states of mind.

States of mind are in the mind, not in the body.


They are not perceptions (such as I feel rejected),

Perceptions are your stories about something outside of you, and whether accurate or not, they don’t live in the body.


Feelings are feelings.

Plain and simple.


But why does that even matter? Who cares if it’s inaccurate or not. Are you just being punctual with me?


Well personally, when I truly got how often I tend to say that I feel something that isn’t even a feeling, or how much I deny how I truly feel by telling myself a story that I feel differently (even though it was just a lie in my head), it opened up an opportunity for me to be way more honest with myself about the stories and lies that I tell myself in my head, and to be way more honest with myself about how I truly feel in any given moment.


That honesty led to so much transformation in my life and closer connections with myself and the people I care about (radical honesty is powerful folks).


And if you want to be happy.

Then maybe it’s time to connect with your feelings too.

Your feelings are the doorway to happiness.


Happiness is felt, it’s not a story.


You can tell yourself you’re happy as much as you want, but if in your heart you feel sad and in your gut you feel fear, then that is called denial.


You can tell yourself you feel rejected or not good enough and state it as a fact, but actually, it’s not a feeling, it’s simply a belief in your mind keeping you trapped.


Best to work with what you feel so you find the healing and love that you long for inside you and let go of all the lies in your head.


In LovingKindness, Daniel❤️.


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